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Tripura Girls Photo

Tripura Society and Culture represents a fine blend of traditional and contemporary aspects. The society of Tripura primarily comprises of a number of tribal groups. Manipuri and Bengali communities are the other human groups that are inhabiting the land of Tripura from a very long time.

Tripura beautiful girls photo

Tripura beautiful girls photo

Tripura was one of the exclusive independent units of India even in the days of British rule. Previously, Tripura was under the dominion of the famous Manikya Empire. In fact the rulers of Manikya Dynasty governed Tripura fro a considerable period of time.

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Tripura beautiful girls photo

The name Tripura was probably given to the state in honour of the temple at Udaipur, Tripureshwari, the wife of lord Shiva.It is one of the regions least explored by foreign tourists, but offers immense natural beauty and an intriguing cultural heritage. Tripura is one of three Indian states ruled by communists, making their presence felt with murals and flags in many places.

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